When working in Belgrave a number of people from the local Asian community suggested the need to preserve their stories. After some consultation Heritage Lottery were approached and thought this a great idea. After more than four months developmental work, the project was approved.

The projects tells the story of the Asian Diaspora from Uganda and the arrival of these people in the UK and in particular Leicester. It does this through an oral history DVD, an exhibition in partnership with Leicester Museum Services and by putting some of the information onto the Oral History website in conjunction with University of Leicester. To view sample interviews click here

The project is aimed not only at young British Asians, but at the whole community. Oral history is a vital tool for anyone wishing to understand the past. It is a lasting heritage resource, made available to people through public archives, libraries, museums, heritage centres and web sites.
Oral history:

• Adds life and context to museum, gallery and heritage objects
• Makes valuable educational material available
• Provides an opportunity to train volunteers in important media skills
• Forms part of community work with a wide range of people.


Interviewing and filming sessions were held in Leicester, bringing to light some fascinating stories which are preserved for future generations


Involving young people/Benefits
The project gave valuable training to a group of five young people in:

• The techniques of recording oral history including Asian cultural issues – history, religion, ethnicity, social and political influences
• The use of digital recording equipment – video cameras, sound recording, lighting, etc.
• Interviewing techniques
The training and participation in the 12-month project helped volunteers to pursue careers in the media or TV and video production, or work involving the Asian community. Already one of them has begun working at a local TV company.

Project completion
The project finished in November 2005, and has achieved all its targets. Follow this link for more pictures from the project.

Our partners in this project:

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