Braunstone Memories
Once one of the most deprived wards in England, Braunstone was a white working class estate built on the edge of Leicester during the 1930s. Braunstone Memories interviewed residents and records their views on such issues as housing, immigration, street life and much more.

"The memories of Braunstone residents are especially welcome to provide future generations with the sources that are otherwise missing from the archives and the extant public record." Professor Richard Bonney

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Ugandan Memories
Most Asians living in Uganda thought the order to leave was a joke but soon found out it was not. Many came to Britain and despite the difficult start Ugandan Asians prospered in the UK.

Colin Hyde, from the East Midlands Oral History Archive, based at the University of Leicester, added: "Ugandan Memories is a useful resource for anyone interested in the history of Leicester, of East Africa or of migration to the UK. It provides valuable information about family and community history and sheds light on a remarkable period of history."

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Speak For Yourself
Against a backdrop of religious extremism and bigotry, three young men are thrown together and forced to examine their values and attitudes. They all soon realise that if you don't or can't speak for yourself, you could soon be isloated. The trouble is, if you let others speak for you, can you trust them to get it right?
Immigration, common language,racism and fundamentalism are all explored in this appealing and engaging comic book developed from story ideas created by a group of young people honestly expressing how they view their rapidly changing world.
"This brilliant graphic novel should be given to every household... congratualtions to everyone involved," Sue Townsend author and creator of Adrian Mole.

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Building Intercultural Bridges Between Diverse Communities: Moving on from Multiculturalism
Building Intercultural Bridges Between Diverse Communities: Moving on from Multiculturalism looks at methods of creating community cohesion.
It explains the theory behind intercultural community bridge building, sets some principles and provides examples of projects that have succeeded and some that have not.
It shows what has been done in Leicester, a Beacon City, to build those community bridges.
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Belgrave Memories
More than 80 people of all ages, gender, faith and ethnicity tell us about their life in Belgrave over a period of 60 years starting from the Second World War.
In 116 full colour pages Belgrave Memories tells the true tale of Belgrave as those people who lived and worked there remember it.
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Tales of Belgrave - 60 Years of Heritage
400 pages of full transcripts of more than 80 interviews of Belgrave people telling their tales from a German prisoner of war to a Portugese cafe owner.
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The Intercultural State: Citizenship & National Security
A study of how people of different cultures and backgrounds can and should live together in the United Kingdom.
Foreword by John Benyon, Professor of Political Studies & Director of Lifelong Learning University of Leicester.
Download the press release for The Intercultural State (900Kb). Click here.

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Flavours of Leicester
Young Leicester Asians Look at Their Heritage. While three teenagers weigh up the pros and cons of shopping in the modern world, an entrepreneurial young designer is looking for help as he passionately follows his dream...
Author Bali Rai says: "What a brilliant reflection of the unique nature of Leicester, the UK's true multicultural city. Well written with great illustrations and funny too. Shame I didn't get to punch Bush on the nose myself. Well done!!"
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Engagement With Cultures: From Diversity to Interculturalism More than 600 people attended a series of exemplary intercultural events around Leicester during 2005. Buy the report with a foreword by Ted Cantle from only 5 including P+P

Four Wards Intercultural DVD More than 600 people attended a series of exemplary intercultural events around Leicester during 2005. Watch the DVD available for only 10 including P+P

Preserving Asian Heritage 2 DVD set These are the stories of Asians who were expelled from Uganda during the government of Idi Amin in the 1970s, and who eventually settled in the UK, particularly Leicester. By turns surprising, uplifting and tragic, these stories throw a new light on events in recent history which have done much to help shape the multi-ethnic, multicultural nature of today's society. Watch the DVD available from only 15 including P+P

Dallas Report 1.9MB
A report on the National Minority Supplier Diversity Conference held in Dallas, Texas, October 2005.
Introduction to Integrated Cities by Prof Richard Bonney 6.1MB
Integrated Cities by Asaf Hussain, Tim Haq & Bill Law 484KB
A report based on a survey focusing on the views and attitudes towards cultures of some segments of Leicester's general population. The principal question asked was: 'Leicester may be a multicultural city, but is it culturally integrated at the grassroots level?'